Customer Scenarios

We understand that different employees have varying concerns based on their day-to-day responsibilities. See how Canon Solutions America benefits each of these roles.

Financial Decision Maker

Financial Decision Maker

To keep your organization on track financially, it is important to find ways to streamline printing and information management.

Canon Solutions America can provide you with tools to streamline and automate your Accounts Payable processes, allowing you take advantage of on-time payment discounts while avoiding late payment fees. By implementing solutions like IRISXtract and Therefore, time-consuming, paper-based processes can now be streamlined helping you to reduce costs and increase accuracy.

Financial information and documentation are valuable company assets.   Canon Solutions America can help you standardize your filing systems and increase security. Through authentication and encryption technology, you can manage device access and ensure the security of documents in-transit are safe.

Canon devices offer Energy Star and energy-saving features including shorter warm-up times, lower temperature printing, and one-watt Sleep mode, which can help your organization save on energy bills. In addition, forced duplex printing and fax-to-email can reduce paper waste.

Tracking device information such as individual usage and controlling which users have access to features are helpful when trying to reduce costs. By implementing uniFLOW, you can see if a device is not being used (or is being used too little) and remove it or relocate it. uniFLOW offers detailed reports which shows you where print costs are the highest, so you can take measures to reduce costs and allocate costs to the proper departmental budget.

The hardware and software tools offered by Canon Solutions America can help you streamline accounts payable, track print activity, control access to device features, and secure confidential information, resulting in cost savings for your company.

IT Personnel

IT Personnel

Keeping information secure is vital, and Canon Solution America can provide you with the solutions to secure data while still making it accessible to those who need it.

With the prevalence of mobile devices, you need a way to manage access so users can take advantage of the productivity these devices can provide, while still keeping information secure. Canon Solutions America can help you implement on-site and cloud-based options for your users so they can connect to your Canon multifunction devices from wherever they are, quickly and securely.

Secure-release technologies offered by Canon Solutions America can help maintain the security of confidential documents by allowing users to release a print job only when they are at the device to retrieve it. Keyword-intercept technology alerts administrators and prevents users from printing, emailing, or faxing documents that contain specific words indicating confidential information. Fax-forwarding allows faxes to be routed to email or password-protected destinations.

Canon Solutions America can tailor device usage and processes to the individual user. Complex processes can be simplified into a single “Smart Button” based on the employee’s role, increasing productivity.

Canon Solutions America can even help with protecting (and, when needed, destroying) sensitive information from hard drives through HDD Data Encryption Kit, HDD Lock, and HDD Erase Kit. With laws now mandating the security of certain information, it’s great to have tools like these.

Knowledge Worker

Knowledge Worker

Busy department workgroups print numerous documents on a regular basis. From small jobs sent to the department’s printer to multi-page, full-color brochures sent to the company’s print shop, Canon Solutions America has options for efficiently printing them all.

Canon Solutions America can provide your print shop with the ability to produce professional marketing materials on-site. This gives your organization the flexibility to submit materials digitally, by hard copy, or both combined, which saves time. And with Canon Solutions America’s color management solutions, your print ship can produce color documentation that is consistent and correct.

Through both hardware and software solutions, Canon Solutions America can assist you with producing professionally designed documents in-house so you can have more time to concentrate on your customers.